Pre-Columbian Incised Terracotta Vessel Top Spout Rim Ancient Pottery Artifact



A terracotta pottery fragment of the upper half of a vessel. Nice incisions and some red pigmentation.

Presumably pre-Columbian, probably dating to the Classic Period circa 300-700 CE, although possibly belonging to a different horizon, cultural affiliation unknown.

This piece was recovered from a house sale and was in a trash pile.

Exhibits signs of Magnesium deposits, as well as ‘root marks’ from being in contact with dirt for centuries.

The scent of Earth has permeated this piece, this is especially noticeable when the surface is moistened.

A great object for study or display, this will make a nice addition to any student or appreciators collection of Pre-Columbian art and artifacts.

Fragmented artifact condition. Exhibits signs of age such as surface wear and weathering. As they are part of the description, please enlarge all photographs to better ascertain details and conditions.


Width 3 1/2″

Length 2 3/8″


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