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Nobody believes me when I say, "Sumerian Clay Tablets has done magic to me and helped me to change my lifestyle

Certainly, it surprises everyone. How these small tiny clay tablets can change someone's life?

But It's True. It is Magical


Dheeraj Jain

It was 2017, I was fed up with my lifestyle.

I had no purpose in my life.

I was just doing 9-5 jobs and most of the time in fear of recession.

In the same year, I took a resolution to change my life.

I read at least 10 articles about

"How to change a life?"

"What should I do to change my life?"

"How can I improve my lifestyle?"

2017 finished in this confusion. 2017.

From here life started to become miserable. I started feeling depressed.

In 2018, I planned to read books. I have heard from many people that book reading changes the faith.

I read many books like "Rich Dad Poor Dad", Think and Grow Rich, The Power of Positive thinking, The Power of Habit, and many other related books.

For a few days, it motivated me but after that life became the same again.

I felt completely lost.

2018 was about to finish and I was still purposeless and full of misery.

Time to Magic

One evening, I was just checking out my old school results and found my 6-grade result where I got 97% in history.

I cried at that moment.

How could I forget how good I was in history.

How could I forget, how much I love history.

2018 Oct, I started my own history blog "Why Creation Myth is Almost Same in Every Civilization? was my first article

It was the occasion when the first time I came to know about Sumerian clay tablets as Ennana tablet contains the Sumerian creation myth.

This ancient artifact made me so fascinated.

I started reading more and more about Clay tablets and ordered replicas to analyze ancient artifacts.

When I received my order and touched that first time, it was like, I went to the time travel to Sumerian culture.

After that, I found my self deeply engaged in history. I was like some magic had happened. I had the purpose now.

Next Level

I did one experiment as well with my friends. I checked their history interest before and after showing Clay tablets to them.

And I was surprised by the results.

6 out of 10 became so much interested in history after seeing that clay tablet.

They started asking frequently about my new article and research.

Few of them requested me to buy clay tablets for them as well.

Lifetime Learnings From History Blogging

Concentration and Priority

Reading and Writing Skills

Compassion and Equality



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