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Art Deco Goddess of Light Sculptural Floor Lamp

Offering up a crystalline resin urn of golden light, our nearly life-size maiden illuminates any decor with her mesmerizing silhouette and ethereal presence. Echoing true Art Deco graphic design, this amazingly sculpted, quality designer resin lamp uses vogue curves to become an exquisite 360-degree sculptural work of art finished in a faux bronze verdigris atop a faux marble base. Ready for your 40-watt bulb, this illuminating sculpt is controlled by a pedal switch on the cord.
Floor lamp: 20"Wx14"Dx70"H. 60 lbs.
Table Lamp: 9"Wx7"Dx35½"H. 12 lbs.

Law Codes of Lipit Ishtar

A total of 38 law codes are defined in the Lipit Ishtar law code. Very few or none related to capital punishment. The extant text explains that Lipit-Ishtar, having received the law from Utu through the mediation of Enlil.

Clay Tablet Campaign Product Oldest Map
David Bonded Marble Statue

This 1504 masterpiece is one of the world's most recognizable works of art and an enduring symbol of Florence.

"David" stills the heart as the young shepherd who slew the giant Goliath with a single stone, with our foot-tall, bonded natural marble replica translating this perfection of man - noble in reason and admirable in body - into a museum-quality sculpt that's sized to fit almost anywhere.

Product Details
  • Small: 4½"Wx3"Dx12"H. 2 lbs.
  • Medium: 7½"Wx4"Dx19½"H. 5 lbs.

World's Oldest Calendar

The discovery of this unusual circular tablet made it clear that both the Sumerians and the Akkadian-Assyrians who subsumed their culture, possessed a highly functional calendar at least as early as 1800 BC, with specific allocations based on a 29 and 30-day lunar month.

Anatomical Decipher Nude Torso Wall Sculptures by Kaleb Marytn (b. 1960)

Exposed in their intimacy, these idyllic male and female torsos are captured in the slow turn of the heart toward a dance of love.

Art for your wall, these scaled works are cast in quality designer resin with a faux bronze finish that allows the light to cast sensual shadows across each playful curve and arching muscle. Artistically inspiring pieces for boudoir or bath! This two-dimensional, quality decor piece is - as you'd expect - found only at Basil Street Gallery!

Male: 5½"Wx2"Dx9½"H. 1 lb.
Female: 4"Wx2"Dx10"H. 1 lb.

Dance of Desire Wall Sculpture

Moving through the timeless dance of bonding heart, body and soul, this stylized pair elevates courtship to art. Artist Carlo Bronti, himself a master of visual expression, sculpted line and form to exquisite exclamation, then cast his Basil Street Gallery wall sculpture in quality designer resin with a gallery-worthy faux bronze finish. At nearly two feet high, it's a simply stunning work of art!
17"Wx3"Dx23"H. 3 lbs.

700 BC

Fragment of some ancient medicine list, the tablet records an old Mesopotamian herbal remedy that uses cannabis for “banishing the ghosts of childbirth.”

It is one of a number of cuneiform medical texts and prescriptions recovered from King Ashurbanipal’s famous underground library in Nineveh during the late 19th century.