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How to promote on Facebook Messenger

During my initial days of my Facebook page promotion I was trying lot of ways to promote my page and to reach more audience. More people more likes (if content is awesome). 
10 Practical Proven Ways to Increase Facebook Page Likes 
During my exercise I found many ways which is very easy and effective as well. Like How to promote Facebook Page in Gmail Signature (Step by Step Guide)
I found Facebook Messenger is another very good way to promote Facebook page. By default Facebook messenger is in such a way that it can be detect in user search if anyone try to search on Messenger. SO you can leverage this facility to promote your Facebook page and ask users to visit your page.

But remember you will have only once chance to impress messenger users. So write your invite in such a way that, after reading at-least they visit your page once. After that it up to your page content that they will like or not. 

Success rate is quite low in messenger invite but still you can get many your fan's from messengers. 

Here I have step by step guide to send invite and utilize messenger facility in full throttle.

1. Invite Message

Invite message formation is the key here. Because you are going to send message to those people to whom you don't know and they don't know you. So message should be so neutralize that once user are on messenger they read your message. Below is my Invite message which worked for me quite well. Before sending invite make sure your page has enough content to hold user for some time.

Messenger Invite

2. Preparation

Yes little preparation is required before sending invite. You can start making group of Facebook friends on messenger. Send invite to them first. Analyse the response. 

Why Friends First? 

Because with friends we are more comfortable and can ask for suggestion. 

3. Sending Invite

I send first invite to myself. From there I can simply forward to other people. Check the image below where I just write my name and so many user came in list to whom I can send message.

By this you send 100 invitation every day by searching different names.. My observation is every 100 invitation 5 will convert as a fans. I don't have data to support this but I saw spike in my like count during this activity. Many people respond on invitation itself. 

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