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How to promote Facebook Page in Gmail Signature (Step by Step Guide)

Today trick which I am going to share with you is very basic in nature but very helpful to convey message. As a corporate employee if I have to send some information which is not relevant to everyone but can be relevant when I am needed. 
For example if I am going on vacation then I simple write my vacation days in my signature which help other to know about my non presence during those days. I have found that trick very help in my business. 

During my earlier day of Facebook page when I was struggling for promoting (10 Practical Proven Ways to Increase Facebook Page Likes) my page to increase fan count. At that time I used this trick to convey my message and progress with people who eventually read my mails. By the time I got noticed and I received mails and messages about my progress (I was changing status monthly basis). I am still using this trick. 

If you are shy person and don't want to send direct request then just export all your contacts (Step by Step Guide to export Gmail Contacts) then just send one greeting message and with this kind of signature.

Below I am writing step by step guide to create signature in Gmail   

1. Login to you Gmail account. Go to setting

2. Scroll down in settings. You will find settings for signatures.

3. Select signature. Press link Icon as per below image

4. Inset your page link. Give some meaningful name for your link

5. Insert image by clicking on image Icon as per below images


6. Signature is ready. Save the settings.


7. You can check by clicking on new email. It will start look like below image.

So without any additional effort you can send your useful information to others. 

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