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How to export Gmail contacts to excel (Step by Step guide)

We all know contacts are so important in day to day life. There are friends,family,relatives,neighbors and other with whom we share our contacts information. Contacts become so important when we are trying to advertise or promote our business or event. We need lot of contacts so that we can reach to many people. So many time we try to buy contacts and information from the vendors. But at the same time we forgot potential of our Email account. It was one of the key point when I was promoting my Facebook (10 Practical Proven Ways to Increase Facebook Page Likes)

We have contacts for 

  1. People we know
  2. We got lot of contact information from the people who sed their promotional content to our email ID
  3.  Indirect email. Many time our friends of friends send bulk email for wedding or for new job. 

So if you will check and export all the email ID's from all of the accounts then you will be having list of 1000 Email ID's. Wooooo really

Yes. In my case I had two Gmail account and my wife has two email account. So overall I could arrange 2300 Email ID and most of the people I don't know (In direct)

How to export all the Email ID's. Here my step by step guide to export all your contacts in excel file. 

1. Open and Press SIGN IN button. You will be redirected to select your Gmail account

2. Select your gmail account and enter your password.

3. Select your gmail account and enter your password. You will redirected to below screen

4. Press 1 and then press 2. You will redirected to below screen. Click on one contact

5. Select all your contacts by checking box. 

6. Press Export button. You will be redirected to below screen

7. You can perform step 1-6 to export all other type of contacts

Now a days every email service provider keeps contact and provide a way to export whenever required. 

I hope this peace of information is helpful for you. Give your suggestion in comments section.

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