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Embed Facebook Page Embed in Website

During my initial days of my Facebook page promotion I was trying lot of ways to promote my page and to reach more audience. More people more likes (if content is awesome). 10 Practical Proven Ways to Increase Facebook Page LikesDuring my exercise I found many ways which is very easy and effective as well. Like How to promote Facebook Page in Gmail Signature (Step by Step Guide)

Why you should add Facebook Fan page to Website?

Running blog with Facebook page is big advantage. On blog people come through google search which usually not the case in Facebook. So why not leverage blog/website visitors and convert them as a Page followers. The more people see your Facebook page more followers you will get. Mainly I am two types of promotion in blog for my Facebook page.

1. Insert Facebook page link inside one of your article which is relevant. But poet must be relevant.

This can be relevant post

2. Embed Facebook page through Java script

Facebook provides Facebook social plugins page and here is a  direct link for Facebook pluginsAs you can see, I have filled my Facebook page name. You can change as per your need but below kind of  setting is recommended. Once done press Get Code button to get the code. You will find code in iFrame tab. Copy that code. 

Create one block in blog as per below image and paste your code. Try to keep this block in such position which is easily visible to blog visitors. 

Your Facebook page will look like as per below image. Now you can attract more visitors on your page. 

Do let us know if you have faced any problem while trying to add Facebook Fan page into your Website? 
Do share your experience with Facebook fan page box and do you also feel this widget adds too much into loading time?

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