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10 Proven Ways to Increase page Likes on Social Media

Facebook fan page is very nice way to establish presence in social media. Page is quite different from Facebook groups. In page you and your assigned person are solely owner. People start knowing you by your page if your page become popular. 

But the biggest question is always, How to increase fan base without investment? 
Facebook is reducing Organic reach day by day. Here I have bring for you 10 practical ways by which I followed in my journey and could increase my fan base from 3 (200) digit to 4 (8000) digit in 6 month. Very soon I am going to touch 5 digits. 

My Fan Page - Tathastu (So Be It) Dil ki Kalam Se

Added 7K+ fans in 6 month

70% Engagement on page - Quite High

As a full time employee in software company its been difficult, challenging but at the same time lot of new learning I got. If you have patience for 6 month and you are dedicated and serious for your page then there is nothing which can stop you to become successful by following points which I am listed down. 

1. Recognize your Gmail Power - Collect Email ID

I was looking there and where to get the contacts and one time I wanted to buy some emails ID's as well. But when I checked my Gmail I found 1000 Email ID's in my account itself. Same thing I asked to my friends So by that I could collect 5000 Email id. 
Step by Step Guide with Images to export Gmail Contacts

But how they will help 

Now a days direct request no one entertain. You have to convince them by your content. In my case I was sending small quotation and my articles to them once in a week. Gradually few of them start noticing and liking my content.  Once I got this type of feeling then I started put my page link in to weekly email. Certainly many people join from them. I started with my Book summary messages. 

Email which I sent to my friends

2. Recognize your Gmail Power - Facebook Page Info in Signature  

I got this Idea from my colleague who used to write upcoming vacation slot in his signature. This Idea clicked me and I placed my page link in my signature. Everyday at-least 2-5 email I send to different people. They are getting this information which probably convert them as a fan. 
Email Signature

3. Utilize Stories section in full throttle

One thing I always keep in my mind that my content is my king not me. I am making my content by on social media my content is making me. You can push your content in Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and page stories. I received my 20% fans through these stories. But remember content should be small, crisp and impact-able.
Every morning I spent 15-20 minutes to push my quotation into these stories.  

Lot of people check my page stories. Many converted as a Fan

4. Power of personal relation and messages

Whatever is the technology and generation but personal touch always works. So try to send as many personal messages to your family, relatives and friends. They are the one who will see you first then your content. It will give you little boost in your fan base. But don't push them hard to like your page because one time like is not important daily engagement is the key for successful page. Write short and nice message and send through personal message on whatsapp, messenger, SMS. On messenger you can search other people as well and send messages to the as well. 
How to promote on Facebook Page on Messenger

Short and crisp message

5. Participate in Quora questions and answer

I am a big an of Quora because my blog some traffic and page audience comes through Quora. But I am not the fan because of I received traffic but Quora has lot of awesome content. You find your zone question and try to answer them and at the end push you page link there. If your content is impact-full then people will certainly visit your page. Recently I completed 30K views on my answers which I gave on Quora

6. Join groups in Facebook

Join some relevant groups in Facebook but remember join only those groups which are related to your theme otherwise people won't take interest in your content (I have faced that). My content in Hindi and related to poems so I joined few 4-5 groups related to this theme. Few like I got from these groups and lot of engagement on my daily post. 

I got 200+ likes on shares. Lot from groups as well

7. Always try experiment. 

Although for successful page to stick on your subject and theme is very important but in my case I did few experiment where I published few Jokes (which was extremely abnormal for page) but I found god engagement on this joke. People like to see you in challenge mode. So be like it. It will be you lot of confidence.

Lot of engagement on my experiment

8. Reply each comment individually. 

When you reply each comment individually, you get sender name in comment . So when you reply comment your comment start visible on their wall. So other people also can see your update and probable can visit your page. 

9. Incorporate page with blog 

If you have a blog then incorporate your page into blog Embed Facebook Page in Website. It is very easy. People who got your blog in google search will have the chance to see the blog. If your blog content is promising then there is a chance they an visit your Facebook page. 

Fan count is visible on blog which attract other blog viewers

10. Referral

Ask your followers to refer your page to their friends. I always prefer personal message. So every week I send personal message to 10-20 fans. This is the way people listen you react. In group all will ignore. 

11. Check Time To Time

One important trick is

Somehow write some post where you can ask your followers to tag their friends. When they will tag, it will visible on their wall and their wall is publicly visible then there are chances few people can visit your page.

When non followers like your post then it is also visible in your notification. 


In Post Like List

Or you can try another way. Go to your page by opening Facebook n web (not app). From their go to your page. You will find something like below image after scrolling few steps down. There you can invite all people in one go. I found this trick in web version on Facebook on mobile.

Bonus tips for healthy page

  • Be regular on page. Write everyday something for page and fans. Fix your post timing. So your fans will wait for your post. In last 6 month I haven't take any leave from page.
  • Every time pose only awesome content. Raise your bar by the time and fan. Now I have close to 8K fans. So I expect at-least 400 likes on my post everyday which I am able to get
  • Time to time celebrate festivals and general events because by this we can connect emotionally. 
  • Time to time say thanks to fans and promise to write nice content. 
  • Take it as a business, feel it like business and try to become awesome in your business
I hope these tips and tricks will help you to grow your likes on page. There are still lot of learning which individual learn in their own journey. Let me know your view in comment section. If you further guidance, mail me 

Share your journey and result with us as well. 

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