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10 Most Strange Breads Yet Easily Available

Food is the primary need for human body. In food bread is always primary element. Bread is something which fills our desire of hungriness. Every country has it own tradition for food and breads. But few breads are so strange in property that I could not stop myself to list them there

1. Bear Bread

Yes, you read it right. This bread is made from beer and with the help of yeast which found in beer. During the baking process, a large percentage of alcohol is evaporated. After eating the bread, the addiction is not going to happen. In the European countries, this bread is made.

2. Wine Bread

Yes, you have read right. This bread is made from wine. It is made from red or white wines. In many countries it is eaten as a traditional food

3. Dominic Giant Bread

This 10 kg heavy bread in the mountains of the Dominican Republic corn fields. It is sold by small pieces and according to weight.

4. Bolani Bread

Bolani Bread is a very thin layer and in many cases it is filled with various types of material, such as potatoes, spinach, lentils, pumpkin or gourd. Mostly it is eaten in Afghanistan

5. Australian Dumper Bread

Damper is a traditional Australian soda bread, which has been historically prepared by swagman, dispute, stockman and other travelers. It is mainly made from wheat, which is traditionally cooked in a campfire or an oven. Dumper is a prestigious Australian dish.

6. Es Baladi Bread

Picture of a bakery in Cairo, Egypt. This delicious round bread / chapati bread is sold everywhere in Cairo in the name of ‘Ish Balaadi’. Some vendors are sitting on the floor and some are sold in the cart.

7. Khachpuri Bread

Khachpuri is a stuffed bread which is filled with cheese. This is considered to be one of the most famous national dishes of Georgia

8. Pretzel bread

A pretzel is a type of baked bread product made from flour which is usually shaped like a mud knot. The pretzel in which there is a long strip of flour and then turns back in a certain manner (a pretzel loop). In modern times, the Pretzels fall under the category of various shapes. This bread is eaten mainly in Germany

9. Indian Pratha

These parathas apparently weigh over 1.2kg and are 2ft long and has many variety like aloo gobhi mix to matar pyaaz, the stuffing offered here are too delicious to miss. Mainly these prathas are available in North Indian street markets.

10. Baguette

baguette is a long, thin loaf of French bread that is commonly made from basic lean dough (the dough, though not the shape, is defined by French law). It is distinguishable by its length and crisp crust. A baguette has a diameter of about 5 or 6 cm (2-2⅓ in) and a usual length of about 65 cm (26 in), although a baguette can be up to 1 m (39 in) long.

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