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Summary of Rich Dad Poor Dad

I am sharing with you summary of very special book which gave me potential knowledge and confidence about the handling of money which I have.

Although I have very less money but still this book taught me, how cleverly and carefully I can handle my money so it grows by its own.

This book is about what perception rich guys follow to increase money and why financial literacy is so important in current world. I believe, many of you  has already came across this book by many way, reading, watching video on You Tube. But those who still didn't got the opportunity 
to read this book, here is the small summary.

This book is a story of 9 year young middle class boy Robert Kiyosaki whose father (His Poor Dad) is doing a middle class job as a Teacher. His father wants his son to study hard and get a settle with decent job. But this boy want something else from life and want to lot of money but don't know how.
He has one good friend, with him he is doing many experiments to earn money but due to some reason they are not successful (You can find full information in the book).
His friend's father (His Rich Dad) is a rich guys but doesn't look like rich guy, so both guys doesn't know, he is rich.
Its a very interesting part of the book, how both guys came to know that he is rich dad and how rich dad agrees to teach them to earn money. 

During this learning there are many life and perception changing lessons which is another interesting part. This part has big and brutal truth about life and the about segregation which we have in our society in terms of lower class,middle class and upper class. Rich dad points which is truly perception changing are
  1. Rich don't work for money. Money works for them. In short, rich buy assets by money which return money to them. 
  2. Money is one of the big power on our planet but in our schools there is no particular subject which can teach us about financial. So financial literacy is very important
  3. Mind your own business. We thought its a problem only in India. But Robert has talked lot about "Duniya kya sochegi" in this. 
  4. Corporation is a good Idea. Here you will see the extreme truth. So be ready.
  5. Work to learn  - Don't work for money - We have heard this in 3 idiots. Almost same but this philosophy is older then 3 idiots. 

These points gives us very good Idea about how rich guys are managing money so they will be always rich. But if we want to follow these ideas then what are the blocking points we have to cross.
  1. Fear - Everyone has a fear when its a question about money. He tells us how to handle fear when we are trying to play with our hard earned money.
  2. Cynicism - “The sky is falling. The sky is falling.” Most of us know the story of “Chicken Little,” who ran around warning the barnyard of impending doom. We all have kind of guys who "aisa ho gaya to", "vaisa ho gaya to", "tere ko bola tha na" etc etc.
  3. Laziness - It is about "busy without work". 
  4. Bad Habits - How we can replace bad habits with the good one. 
  5. Arrogance - Arrogance is ego plus ignorance.

I would say, this book will be a life changing to one who has never thought about his hard earned money flow. There will be lot of new things and learning in this book.
So plan sometime to read this book. I am 100% sure, you will have some different perception about your hard earned money. I am not promoting any book here.
I feel positive changes in my life, so want to spreading same to other.

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