Power of Prayer

Life teaches us many values. Some we learn from parents and some we learn from our experiences. But up to one stage of life, we are not aware of those values consciously, rather we follow those values unconsciously. But when we reach certain stage in our life we start evaluating our values. We start evaluating our actions against values and this time all matter is in a conscious way.

In the same way, I encounter one of our hardcore value which recently got very clear for me. It is “The Power of Prayer”. From childhood, I knew somehow there is something in prayer but I hadn’t known what was it.

I am sharing one short story which helped me to make belief on Prayer

In my earlier days, I was part of some sort of magic which just happened due to the Power of Prayer. Recently when I started reading and observing things then only I realize about that incident which certainly a magical example for me for “Power of Prayer”.

It’s a story of Santoshi a well being and humble woman. While going to another city on urgent purpose, she saw an old lady sitting in the Bus station. That woman was looking hungry but Santoshi had to take the bus, so she couldn’t offer her food. But instead, she prayed for that lady by her full heart. Dear GOD, please feed her today. And surprisingly before leaving the bus terminal someone offered her food. Santoshi was relaxed and her belief in prayer become more strong.

Time passes and Santoshi’s husband passed away and her only son left to Jabalpur after having a tremendous loss in business.  Santoshi was having terrible days. But till the time she was working, she was able to feed herself. But one day due to age she was not able to work anymore. This is the hardest time she is facing in her entire lifetime. And the day came when I and my friend saw Santoshi on street and her situation was not looking good. As we both were not grown enough, we couldn’t understand. We just prayed that.

Dear GOD, please feed her today although we didn’t know that she was hungry or not. That prayer just came out. We left for our way and she was also continued in the street. In the evening while returning from coaching we stop our usual shop to eat evening snacks. There we saw Santoshi doing some work in this shop. As we were an everyday customer, so we asked the shopkeeper. Please give that lady something to eat. He told it is already taken care of by the owner and the owner has offered some decent job to her as well. We were felt very good and relaxed.

Santoshi was a very humble lady and her appearance was very peaceful. So I and friend talked to her often. One day we told her about the incidence that happened on the street. Then she told her about the initial instance and her many experiences where she was convinced by Prayer powers. We all were convinced about the Power of Prayer. She told, Prayer works but honesty is the base. It was a big learning for us. If we are not able to help someone then we can at least pray for them. Prayer is a chain reaction. Our prayers definitely come back to us in some form. All prayer answered some may take little more time.

It is my personal belief that Prayer for self will be answered but before that we have to pray for others. Before praying for self well being we should pray for others well being. If our mind and heart is in believe that our prayers works then it will definitely going to work.

My concept

Normally we feel happy or stressed by the people who we know or who are around us. If we pray for them, pray for their well being then they will become well being then automatically we will become well being. We have many examples where we witness the power of prayers.

Recently our planet witness the magic of group prayer. How almost 10+ children trapped in the caves in Thailand and how the whole world pray for those children and how magically one person share cave map which even did not exist and played trumped card to save the lives. Finally, power of prayer saved those children.

Everyone has a story when they realized the Prayer’s power. This is my story to believe in “The Power of Prayer”. What is yours?

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