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Nikola Tesla: Imagination and the Man That Invented the 20th Century

I came up another good book which told me about the great inventor of all time. It will not be too bold that he is one of the great inventor of all time. Irony is that his biography was not part of my schooling. I was not knowing him until I was in Job. 

Today I am going to give little summary about book which is a biography of Nikola Tesla.

Little Nikola had always a dream about producing a electricity from Niagra Falls and he shared his dream with his father who was a priest in Church. Nikola wanted to study but his father wanted him to be priest like him.
But its a faith of our planet that it had to discover the great scientist, so some circumstances occurred which helped Nikola to follow his dream.

You and me can have a competition with our kind of guys but great guys has a competition with another great guys. He has a competition with Thomas Edison who was the inventor of direct current (Great inventor of his time). But Nikola was the inventor of alternate current which is the main life line of our planet.

Direct current has lot of limitation in terms of transfer for long distance but alternate current has the ability to travel large distances. Due to this reason Nikola's alternate current got popularity in nights.  

This book gives us another face of Thomas Edison. How Nikola face challenges from Thomas Edison as he was well established entrepreneur. How he used all hooks
and crooks to fall Nikola alternate current.

In this book we can see that Nikola was very ahead from his time. He demonstrated
  1. Wireless transfer of electricity in front of thousands of people which is still a dream. 
  2. He created first wireless boat which he could control by remote. This also demonstrated publicly. People were thinking, Nikola has some secret magical power.
  3. He invented some sort of batteries which can perform infinitely. 
  4. He had created the method by which whole planet can received free energy by just putting Iron rods on earth.

In this book we came to know that he was not only a great inventor but a great human being. He could be first billionaire of all time by taking the royalty from alternate current which he had a deal with his friend. But when time came, his friend become bankrupt (due to hooks and crooks of Edison and morgen Stanly bank) he tore up all the contract papers in front of his friend and release him from his royalty.

He could fulfill his dream by producing electricity from Niagra falls.

In this book we came to know that when he before dying he distributed all his money to his co-workers. His note book was missing from him room when he died. In his life time he had almost 700 patents and he become father of the radio signals.

There is lot of information of Youtube and Internet as well. I hope you will keen to read more about Nikla Tesla.
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