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Maharana Pratap by Dr Bhawan Singh Rana

I came across another great book which was about our one of the great Rajput leader Maharana Pratap "Maharana Pratap by Dr Bhawan Singh Rana".
This book gave me lot of facts about Pratap and that time, for those I was wrongly educated like.

  1. Maharana was a honor for the warrior who qualified certain bravery. So Pratap is a name and Maharana is a honor attached to his name for his bravery. Many other mevar king had this honor earlier then Pratap.
  2. Till now I educated that Pratap lost Haldighati war against Mughals but this is not true. Haldighati war ended up without any result. The main purpose of this war of capture Pratap and place Mughal rule on Mevar. But both could not achieved by Mughals.
  3. How, many Rajput kings sold their self to Mughals just to save their self from Mughals destruction and how Pratap fought with Mughals without any other Rajput king support.
This book gives us view about Pratap vision about Freedom. Till his last breath he fought for his land freedom.
He didn't accepted Mughal rule on Mevar and fought many wars and finally he freed his land after so many battles from Mughals.

He survived many hard condition, he hide himself in mountains and villages, so that time to time he attacked and release some land from Mughals.

As a king he never gave up on his Dharma. One time, Pratap soldiers captured Mughal's commander family
(As this practice was normal for Mughal soldiers and commanders that to win the war capture family of another commander) but Pratap refused to do so and gave
order to release family with respect immediately.

In this book you can find many these short of instances which will give you immense respect for Pratap.
Unfortunately in our country many scholars didn't count Pratap contribution. According to them all fight which he did for his freedom was unnecessary and was not required. Other Rajput king had understood that they cannot win over Mughals (Akbar). So better not to war and make a treaty. 
I feel their are many things to know about Pratap and Mevar dynasty. It is a high time when we should correct out knowledge about our great Kings/Warriors/Soldier/ Contributers. This can be start point for one.
There is lot of information of Youtube and Internet as well. I hope you will keen to read more about Maharana Pratap.
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