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Fingerprints of Gods [Machu Pichu]

This week I came up with the very unique book which blowed all my mind and gave me very clean information about our past. This book is all about to connect the
disconnected links between out past and present. As a Indian we all have many great culture in past like Ramayan and Mahabharat along with Harappa and Mohanjo Daro
But in present we all disconnected by the true facts. There is certain vaccum has created. Information is all there but in bits and pieces.
With respect to this Graham Hancock has delivered a phinominal job. He visited many countries and collected lot of information about ancient creations and
tried to connect all dots. With his discoveries he wrote this book called Fingerprints of Gods. This book is very hugs but today I want to share particular
Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas:
Almost every one know about Machu Pichu as it is one the wonder in the world. But the story every knows, it might be not fully correct with respect to its
age. As per main stream archeology this site is around 600-700 old but in reality it is much older then this. Like pyramid this place was also build by big stones.
One smoothly polished polygonal monolith which was around twelve feet long by five feet wide by five feet thick and could not have weighed less than 200 tons.
How had the ancient builders managed to get it up here (This is all time big and favorite question)? There were dozens of others like it too, and they were all
arranged in the familiar jigsaw puzzle walls of interlocking angles (Check snapshot).
How old is Machu Picchu? As per academic consensus is that the city could not have been built much earlier than the fifteenth century AD.
But as per Rolf Muller, professor of Astronomy at the University of Potsdam, found convincing evidence to suggest that the most important
features of Machu Picchu possessed significant astronomical alignments. From these, through the use of detailed mathematical computations
concerning star positions in the sky in previous millennia (which gradually alter down the epochs as the result of a phenomenon known as
precession of the equinoxes), Muller concluded that the original layout of the site could only have been accomplished during ‘the era of 4000 BC to
2000 BC’.
Like my previous knowledge reminder where there were signs in desert (Nazca Lines), in the same way these are the signs in the mountain. There were someone who lived there
thousands of years ago with very advance technology. They were so good in agriculture that they created artificial lake in the mountains. They had the technology
to storage the food for long time. 
Here I always have this question in my mind that if they were so advance then why they didn't saved them
self. Or their creator performed something massive to intensionally destroy them. I am still searching for the answers (Lot of unconnected dots).
There is lot of information of youtube and Internet as well. This is just of the chapter from this book. I hope you will like this discovery.
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