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Every Good is not Good. Every bad is not bad

Every coin always has two phase. And both are always opposite. In the same way every good has a bad in it and every bad has a good in it.
It depends who is getting benefits from the goods and who is getting loose from the bad
Mall in the city is good for buyers but it is bad for small store keepers. And we have many others examples.
I am sharing one funny but true incidence from my life. As I born in business family. My father had one grocery store any many time I used to handle alone shop when my father had to go out for some urgent purpose.
One fine day my father went out and I was the incharge for that time. It was a 10 AM in the morning. Lot of customer came and as per routine business followed.
But one more thing happened which was first time happened. On that day Lot of agents visited my shop to recover their money. One came from Uniliver, one Godrej and few more.
I gave them payment as per their bills and I was quite happy that I walked one more step towards ownership.
Around 1.30 PM my father returned from market and asked me how it is going on. I told every thing is fine. I sold grocery for that many rupees.  He asked me to give him all the earned money. I told him that I don't have any money left because I made payment for agents from different agencies who was bothering you last week (I had a bright smile on my face)
Dad started scolding me that you spent all the money on payment then how we are going to clear our cheques which are waiting in bank (He had a big worry on his face)
Somehow from the reserved money cheques got cleared but one big learning  I received
Every good is not good for everyone and every bad is not bad for everyone. Whenever your role is going to change then for initial days be prepared for surprises. Be ready for extra planning and plan B, C and D. This learning helped me up to some extend because every role has its own challenge's.
What was your challenge during role change? What you learn from those challenge's?

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