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Digital Detox in Indian Way

Every year thousand of digital gadgets and phone comes to the market. Now a days we have digital gadget for everything like running, eating , drinking, calorie meter, reading. Digital gadgets are everywhere. For someone it is need and for some it is showcase. 

Reality is that from the wake-up till sleep we interact many digital gadgets. It happened so gradually by the that we didn't even realized that when we become so addicted and dependent on digital gadgets. 

As it happens in every story it start with good but our greed to extract more good from the good convert them in evil. Same thing happened with digital gadgets. Now toxic is coming out from digital. Here this toxic is not physical. But in terms of addiction and reducing out ability to perform without gadgets. 

Smartphones, laptops, and tablets, combined with the increasing wireless Internet accessibility, enable technology users to constantly be connected to the digital world.Constant online connectivity may have a negative impact on the users’ experience with electronic connecting devices and result in a wish to temporarily refrain from communication technology usage.

In one study in Mind, 95% of those interviewed said their mood improved after putting down their phones to spend time outside, changing from depressed, stressed, and anxious to more calm and balanced.

Earlier it was a common practice to calculate small stuffs in mind but due to digital gadgets our this ability is getting reduce. Digital gadgets simplified life in many folds but make us less efficient as a human being. 

It is the high time when we should start practicing digital detoxing. Here I am sharing few tips and tricks in Indian way

  1. Identify all digital gadgets : Identify all digital gadgets near you and ask your self that if that is really required. If more devices then mind want to check more devices if Less devices then our mind want to check less devices. Then automatically less interaction with digital gadgets.
  2. Start using mind : Start practicing use of mind for small things like small calculation, small unit conversion etc. This is one very basic stuff but very important. We have to understand how digital gadgets work. If we want to use phone to add two numbers. Yes we can do in seconds. But after adding of number our mind will force us to check notifications or any other random app in phone. So try to do small stuff by yourself
  3. Reading book : Try to read physical book instead on Kindle. If you thing it is a wastage of page then in every city there is a place to buy used books. Or create one group to exchange books. If all this is not possible then read on kindle. Reading is important. It generates the ability to write by your own. After reading books I generates the ability to write quotation which I am sharing with on my FB page My Facebook Page Tathastu (So be it)
  4. Show your helping hand : Start helping needy people in any way you can. Start giving free tuition or training. Every multinational company has these kind of programs.
  5. Family Time and social presence : Plan a family time whenever possible and plan not to use digital gadget as much as possible. If just trip is planned and activity is not planned for the trip then mind will start poking you to use gadgets because you don't have enough activity to do. Form a group of people or join some group and start organize activity in your society or nearby places. Start involving in society meetings, cultural meeting or festival meetings. They are the nice place to interact people and increase screen less time.
  6. Your time : Plan some time for you. it can be meditation time or just time when you make your self alone in some room and sit silently. Let thought come out the way they want. Talk to yourself in that time. 
  7. Writing : Start writing down your memories on paper in just raw language without worrying. You can write as much as you want because you have memories. I wrote down my two stories which gave me life time lessons. Before writing them I didn't even aware about those lessons Stories with lesson learnt.
  8. Goal Setting : Set goal for yourself. Weekly 7 hours is good enough to begin the detoxing. 1 hour for each activity. Once 7 hours goal is achieved you may increase your detoxing goal. 
  9. Kill the SmartphoneTry to find ways to reduce usage of smartphone. There are many easy ways. I have listed down 7 key points which I used to reduce my smartphone addiction 7 ways to reduce smart phone addiction.

It is understood that digital gadgets are so important in day to day activity and they really ease some of our work. But at the same-time we have to take care our-self as well so that we an take care our family. This is best start we can do to make our self stress free with digital detox.

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