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The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari

Many of you have already read this book or at-least heard the name of this book. People who haven't got the opportunity to read this book, for them, I would like to share small summary about this book, which might help to motivate you to read this book. I personally felt the changes in my life after reading this book. I am not promoting any book here. I feel positive changes in my life, so want to spreading same to other.

It is a story of one renowned lawyer who was one of best lawyer in the country. lawyers. He was also a man who was as well known for the three-thousand-dollar Italian suits that draped his well-fed frame as for his remarkable string of legal victories. Suddenly collapsed in the court during his one of the trail due to his bad health.

He root caused himself in hospital and then he visited India to find a peace in his life. From this point his life transition start to another life.

He followed Sagas of Sivana and resolved the mystery of life by the knowledge which Sagas of Sivana taught him in the Himalayas and came back to his country. Then he went to meet his best friend to his office. Due to his complete transformation his friend could not recognize him in first shot.

Rest book is the interesting conversation between him and his friend. In this conversation he explained every thing to his friend which he learned with Sagas of Sivana to fulfill his one of the promise which he made with Sagas of Sivana. There are certain point in this conversation which really motivate one to getup and start running towards true life.

He took help of very strange story which initially make no sense but when book goes on, it start making sense. Few highlight of story

A one big lavish green garden. In that garden one big light house and from that light house a giant sumo wrestler appears who wears pink underwear. Strange story, but believe me it will make full sense when you will book chapter by chapter.Below are the some basic points which solve the strange story puzzle.
  1. Make some rituals in your life. If you want to wake-up in morning then make it rituals in place of habit. Ritual which comes from inner. 
  2. Perform meditate every day
  3. Perform chanting of some mantras 
  4. Perform some physical exercise

There is lot in this book to learn and understand. I hope this small summary will help you to got for this book.I hope you will solve this puzzle.

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